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About Carol

Carol Dobson-Zubrin is an Organic Skin Care Expert and owner of Purity Organic Spa in Los Angeles. She is known for her unique natural and organic facials and her personal, kind approach to everyone who crosses her path looking to improve their skin. Revered as one of the top facialists in Los Angeles, Carol has helped clear the complexions of many familiar Hollywood faces (and some of their teenage kids) during her 15 year career, and is passionate about helping all of her clients, from all walks of life, age as gracefully as possible. Her success in working with every different type of skin is rooted in her expertise in natural, non-invasive, non-med spa treatments and skin care, including Lymphatic Drainage and Chinese Pressure Point Therapy. Look to Carol's signature facials to decrease the effects of aging, teen acne, and adult acne, all without harsh chemical peels or microdermabrasion, which she feels traumatize and thin the skin. Carol was the Featured Natural Beauty Expert on The STYLE Network's hit TV show, What I Hate About Me, and organic products from her spa have been part of the Sundance Film Festival & several Hollywood award show celebrity gift bags. She has graced the pages of many beauty & wellness publications for her expertise on teen skin and for her holistic approach to results-driven, natural beauty from the inside out. Beyond her facials, Carol's expertise and advice on nutrition, supplements, and ingredients in skincare and makeup is invaluable. 

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When a celebrity facialist and eyebrow specialist opened Purity Organic Spa, celebrities and those craving organic treatments began making appointments for various treatments. Though Purity Organic offers a bevy of facials and different types of Japanese massage, this spa is unique thanks to their use of organic makeup and nutritional counseling. If you are looking to not only cleanse your body but also your mind, Purity Organic Spa is a must.
— Haute Living

Stepping into Purity Organic Spa is like entering a cool green oasis, with its sunny space and relaxing atmosphere. Here’s where natural beauty seekers come for organic pampering from Carol Dobson-Zubrin, a green-minded esthetician who’ll give you an eco-luxe facial that’s calming, non-toxic, and very effective...
— GreenLAGirl.com

Carol used soothing and wonderful-smelling potions to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize our skin, while freely sharing her expert skincare secrets. Even the extractions were a piece of cake under her skillful fingers. Carol was a master at hitting all of our pressure points, producing a feeling of euphoria. She sent us on our way completely relaxed and with positively glowing skin.
— ChillOutLA.com

Carol is amazing. During the facial massage she found each pressure point and I drifted farther and farther into a state of pure ecstasy. After, I sneaked a peak at my newly glowing skin and marveled at its silky smooth surface!
— Tracy Rohrer, Editor of Vision Magazine

Nobody knows holistic skincare like Carol Dobson-Zubrin, owner of Purity Organic Skincare, who specializes in ‘Wellness Facials’
— The Vital List: Los Angeles

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Client Testimonials

I know I can always call Carol if I’m having a skin crisis and she has always has a solution or an answer. I love that!
— Amy R.

Meeting Carol in her spa for the first time was like meeting a new family member who really gets me, who I can talk to about anything and who has great advice.
— Kelly G.

Carol is amazing! I have gone twice now and will most definitely keep going! After my first treatment she put me on a regiment that not only helped my skin, but my mind as well. She is absolutely lovely to talk to, compassionate and genuine. You can tell she loves what she does and values her clients.
— Taylor M.

I’ve been going to Carol for organic facials for 4 years now. The organic products she uses have improved my skin dramatically. I have some wrinkles starting from the dry California air and she does a collagen mask that immediately brings my skin back to life. Not only is she thorough and completely hygienic, she is knowledgable about nourishing the skin from the inside out as well. She takes a truly holistic approach.
— A.C.

DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH!! My mom and I just went for a collagen facial and massage. Let me just say, the facial was incredible! I am 35, and my mom is 63 years old. We’ve been lounging by the pool all summer soaking up the rays and my mom mentioned that for her birthday she needed to help heal, and moisturize her dry skin. I never imagined the collagen facial would make our skin look SO good, AND feel so good! We will continue to go back for a collagen facial as needed and can’t wait to see what the results are after several facials... We went out to dinner after and I didn’t even need makeup. My mom gets facials all the time that leave her skin red, itchy, and irritated for a couple days. She said that this facial and massage experience is the best she’s had in a loooong time! We will most definitely be back.
The prices are VERY reasonable for the experience and overall outcome of your skin. Clean and quiet... GREAT spot!!!
— Angela H.

I look forward to seeing Carol every other month because I always walk away glowing, inside and out. She has transformed my complexion. Before I met her, my dermatologist had irresponsibly put me on a topical antibiotic for two years. It didn’t work very well, probably because the bacteria had become immune. Lovely.

All of Carol’s reviews attest to how knowledgeable she is. Rest assured, your skin will improve. But I also want to point out what an amazing person Carol is. Once during a basic facial, I mentioned I was in the middle of a stressful move. I was surprised later on when she gave me an arm massage with hot stones. She said it was on the house — she figured my muscles were sore from lifting everything.

That says it all about Carol. She is kind, knowledgeable, and very passionate about her work. I feel lucky to know her.
— Rose Z.

Carol gives the best facial I’ve ever had. Relaxing, smells fabulous, amazing hot stone massage... I always leave feeling wonderful.
Treat yo self!!!
— Ali C.

This place is great! If you have sensitive skin like me then this place is perfect. Carol is very friendly and down to earth. I got the healing facial(perfect name) and I left feeling rejuvenated.
— Michael S.

I loved loved my facial from Carol. She was so informative about my particular skin needs and offered some advice on what to use on my face as well as other fun tips. She was very gentle with the few extractions I had. No crazy painful picking! The hot stone massage at the end was very relaxing. She was a delight and I would highly recommend!
— Sara L.

I’ve had alot of facials before, but this was by far the best. Carol is AMAZING! so knowledgeable and nice. My skin felt and looked better as soon as she was done. I have been raving to my friends to go by her for facials. She’s not pushy to sell her products, provided me with so much helpful information. I will definitely go back.
— Fabienne A.

I can’t say enough good things about Carol. Prior to Purity, I had gone through years of drama with my skin. Everything from dermatologists to Indian Healers — Yes, I said healers. Nothing helped. After one visit with Carol she was able to pinpoint the problem, and fix it. Period. This woman KNOWS what she’s doing. She changed my daily skin routine, and I haven’t looked back since. I went from hiding behind makeup to getting compliments on my skin WITHOUT IT!

And for what it’s worth, you couldn’t ask for a nicer and friendlier person. Go. Go. Go.
— Maris B.

Carol is an absolute dream-maker. I have always dreamt of having consistently clear and beautiful skin, and her facials (along with listening to her advice as far as makeup and my skin routine) has completely changed my skin. It glows. But from the inside. My skin has never looked better than after one of her facials. All I can say is luminous. And healthy. No-need-to-wear makeup healthy. And she is so lovely, so kind, and so warm. I am so lucky to have been referred to her!
— Dana H.

Never had a facial before, and always felt my skin was too weird (combo oily and aging) and sensitive for it to even make a difference. But, after visiting the website, I decided to treat myself to at least a relaxing experience with all natural, very organic products. Cut to two years later with monthly visits. I am hooked! My skin has never been better. Carol (the Purity goddess) put me on a facial/product regime that has completely changed my face. The facials are very relaxing and effective and come with hot stone massage and foot rub (nice touch!). The products are concentrated and last forever, so even though they are a little more expensive than drugstore items, they are far more effective, eco and animal friendly, and cost-efficient. Best of all, Carol is one of the coolest people I’ve met, ever, and is so knowledgeable. Absolutely recommended.
— Deborah B.

This place is great! I started seeing Carol after my husband bought me a facial as a gift. He knows that using organic and natural products are really important to me and I’m so thankful he found Carol. I’ve gone to many dermatologists who have prescribed lots of different medications. None of them worked as well as the results I’ve seen with Carol!! I also love knowing that I’m using stuff that’s good for me rather than a bunch of chemicals. She knows exactly what you need to do to get your skin in the best condition possible. She’s also great because she won’t push you to buy another product if you have a full container of something at home. When I first started seeing her, I had just purchase a full tube of daytime moisturizer. She told me to go ahead and finish it then switch to her recommended product once I was done. I (and my wallet!) really appreciated that approach. Purity is a great place - check it out!
— Marnie O.

One of the best facials I have had in a long time. I was referred by a client as a gift and I will definately go back again. Awesome collagen facial that made me look ten years younger.
— Jim D.

I absolutely loved my experience with Carol. This is a very private and exclusive spa. No walk-ins, so when you’re there it’s just you and Carol, which I love! She works with a lot of celebrities, but she treats everyone like her most important client!
She did an amazing job with my skin, and her advice is outstanding! It really is a lot more than just a simple facial. If you’re looking for ‘star’ treatment...this is the place!
— Connie H.

I LOVE this spa! It’s really pretty and private. I have been going for four years now and I get my brows done and the Collagen facial. Carol the owner is a genius! My skin looks SO much better since I have been seeing her. I used to have acne, and I don’t anymore because of her facials, the products and her advice. She does the best brows also! GO!!!!
— Jamie L.

Wow! I LOVE this place. They specialize in organic all natural facials and products. Carol, the owner, does THE BEST brows and facials and I’ve recommended her to all my friends! I found this place from the reviews on city search and have been going for 5 years. Carol totally helped my acne too. They are in Universal City which is where I work so it’s really close to everything.
— Cheryl L.